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PACE (Platform for Attitude Control Experiment)

The PACE is a 2kg cubesat that is designed in accordance with the cubesat standard. The PACE project starts in 2002. The satellite is scheduled to be launch in 2014.




LEAP (Low-frequency EArthquake Precursor)

As Taiwan is highly susceptible to earthquakes, an early detection and warning of earthquakes may be valuable. The LEAP is a microsatellite that is designed to detect VLF/ELF signals and magnetic field disturbances in space, which may be attributed by crustal movement.




ESEMS (Experimental Scientific-Education Micro-Satellite)

In this endeavor, NCKU satellite team is coordinating with Russian counterpart to build a microsatellite for experimental, scientific, and educational purposes. The ESEMS microsatellite was successfully launched in 2009.




CKUTEX (Cheng Kung University Technology EXperimental)

The scope of the project includes the design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, integration, and test of the CKUTEX with the goal of delivery of a flight model for in-space validation. To realize this mission,The CKUTEX satellite will carry self-developed space-borne GPS receiver (GPSR) and digital sun sensor (DSS) as main payloads. The design and fabrication of the satellite subsystems and payloads will emphasize on the establishment of capability in meeting a high-quality and space-qualified standard.

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